‘The Moore’ incorporates a pragmatic and robust construction design, which capitalises on abundant natural light and offers open plan, user-friendly floor plans, coupled with a unit mix and average size that is in line with regional market demand.

Much care has been taken to create a locally cooperative external design that maintains clean, elegant lines resulting in a distinctly luxurious feeling façade which fully capitalises on the dual street frontage with balconies on two sides of the building.

Position is key. ‘The Moore’ is well placed to benefit from proximity to shops, public transport, Hospitals, schools and a water view that is not able to be built out with current zoning height restrictions. Also helping to ensure a continuing water view is the fact that nearly all the properties between ‘The Moore’ and the water view are already developed into residential strata units or commercial applications.

Offering sweeping Easterly water views, close proximity to Gosford City, train station and Gosford Hospital, coupled with easy street level access, ‘The Moore’ is set to appeal to a wide variety of buyers with 34 premier residential units.